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Cedar Park Personal Injury Lawyer

Injured from Negligent Actions? Get the Best Legal Advice in Cedar Park, TX, Today

Cedar Park Personal Injury Lawyer

Find Justice for Your Personal Injury Case

Let’s face it: accidents are a fact of life. But if you get injured in an accident because of someone else’s negligence, then you need to take legal action. A Cedar Park personal injury lawyer can help you file a lawsuit to recover the costs of your physical and emotional injuries.

Talk to our Cedar Park personal injury attorneys at Evans/Reilley. Let us take care of the legalities, so you can focus on getting your physical and mental health back on track. Get in touch for your consultation: call us at (512) 732-2727 today.

Excellent Support from Your Cedar Park Personal Injury Attorney

What Kinds of Accidents Lead to Personal Injury Cases?

Below are the most common personal injury accidents that need a Cedar Park personal injury lawyer in Cedar Park, TX:

  • Automobile Accidents: Drunk driving, reckless driving, speeding
  • Motorcycle Accidents: Collision between a car and a motorcycle
  • Burn Injury Accidents: Scalding from hot liquids, flammable gases, or open flames out of malice, oversight, or negligence
  • Work Injuries: Malfunctioning equipment, poor training, unenforced OSHA regulations
  • Nursing Home Abuse: Poor care standards, poor supervision, insufficient or underqualified nursing staff, inadequate facility maintenance
  • Wrongful Death: Death as a result of any of the above circumstances.

Why Choose Our Team at Evans/Reilley?

Engage Our Cedar Park Personal Injury Lawyer and Get the Help You Need

When you have been injured because of the negligence of another person or organization, your future is challenging. Costly medical treatment, lost income, pain, suffering, and lifestyle changes must be addressed. Evans/Reilley’s personal injury lawyer in Cedar Park, TX, Chip Evans, leads our practice and is ready to go to work for you immediately.

We are committed to justice: Our firm believes that those who behave negligently should be held accountable for their actions.

We have built our practice on aggressively protecting the rights of the injured and successfully fighting for the settlements they need and deserve.

We are experienced: For over 20 years, we have been managing personal injury cases in Texas. Our technical knowledge of the law is unmatched. When combined with our familiarity with the local courts and judges, there is no doubt we are the best firm to represent you.

We are committed to client service: Being in an accident is traumatic, and moving forward is stressful. Our attorneys understand and appreciate what you are going through and recognize that the legal process is confusing and emotionally draining. We are well-known for our empathetic approach and work closely with our clients to ensure all questions get answered and their concerns addressed. While we will manage the entire legal process, we always keep them informed and are available to them whenever they wish.

Learn how we can serve you: in our clients’ words.

We have a proven record of success: To put it bluntly, we get results. For years we have been skillfully negotiating and aggressively litigating on behalf of our clients, and our record speaks for itself.

In the end, you want to work with a team that both knows what to do and knows how to do it well:  Evans/Reilley.

What Does A Cedar Park Personal Injury Lawyer Do For You?

Here are the key things your personal injury lawyer in Cedar Park, TX, can do for your case.

1. Break Down Your Personal Injury Claim

We understand that you’re distressed by the injury and surrounding circumstances. Your Cedar Park personal injury attorney helps you understand the legal process and obligations for your case in simple terms.

2. Put A Monetary Figure on Your Personal Injury Claim

An expert personal injury lawyer in Cedar Park, TX, can estimate the value of your case right from the initial consultation. If you have substantial grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit, then the settlement should be more than enough to cover your losses and legal fees. If not, then your Cedar Park personal injury lawyer will clearly explain why legal action isn’t worth it.

3. Find Everyone Liable for Your Injury

Personal injury cases can be pretty complex, especially against large corporations with their legal team on retainer. Your Cedar Park personal injury attorney will uncover the chain of responsibility that led to your injury.

4. Trace Compensation Sources

Your Cedar Park personal injury attorney will discover if the defendant carries insurance or other worthwhile personal assets that can cover your compensation. Otherwise, some significant payment sources may be overlooked, leading to a less-than-satisfactory damages settlement.

5. Track All Evidence for Your Case

Only your Cedar Park personal injury attorney can issue subpoenas, gather sworn statements from witnesses, run background checks, and request documents. You would struggle to compile your evidence–your injury is more than enough to handle.

6. Fiercely Negotiate for Maximum Compensation

Personal injury lawyers in Cedar Park, TX, have years of experience with insurance companies and adjusters. Understand that there will always be pushback: the individual at fault may suggest shared responsibility, pre-existing conditions, or any other challenge to your claims. Your personal injury lawyer knows exactly how to defend your case and push for justice.

NOTE: The statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits is generally two years from the date of the accident that caused your injury. Always consult a Cedar Park personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Otherwise, you risk losing your rightful chance for compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cedar Park Personal Injury Cases

Let Our Personal Injury Lawyer in Cedar Park, TX, Answer Your Questions

It is normal to feel frustrated, angry, and afraid after an injury caused by someone else’s neglect. Plenty of questions arise, and here are the most common ones that our clients ask us here at Evans/Reilley.

  • Get medical attention: Always put your well-being first.
  • Take pictures: Capture images of the accident site and your injuries as soon as possible.
  • List your witnesses: If anyone was with you during the accident, they’re a valuable part of your personal injury case.
  • Get a lawyer: Consult your Cedar Park personal injury lawyer to assess your case.

Give your lawyer’s contact information to the insurance company representative, and say no more. Let us deal with them. Otherwise, you may say something incriminating or agree to a much smaller settlement than you deserve.

Only if necessary. We aim to negotiate your settlement outside of court, but this isn’t always possible. You’ll have to testify if the personal injury claim turns into a lawsuit. Your Cedar Park personal injury attorney will help you prepare your testimony.

  • Economic or special damages: These compensate you for significant financial losses. These typically cover ongoing and future medical costs, in-home care, lost wages, and property damage.
  • Non-economic or general damages: These compensate you for intangible losses that cannot be easily quantified in monetary terms. Your emotional pain and distress, disability, loss of companionship, and quality of life are challenging but not impossible to calculate.
  • Punitive damages: These serve as a warning to the defendant if their negligence or reckless behavior led to your injury. In general, punitive damages are about two times more than economic and non-economic damages.

Since each case is unique, there is no standard settlement figure that you can expect. But there is a rule of proportionate responsibility in Texas law. You can claim compensation if you’re less than 50% at fault for the injury. What you’ll receive is reduced according to your percentage of responsibility.

Of course, you can contact us at (512) 732-2727 to ask any more questions you may have. Schedule your consultation, and we’ll discuss your particular case in more detail.

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Do you feel a personal injury lawsuit is the best way to go? Get in touch with our personal injury lawyers in Cedar Park today. Our personal injury team at Evans/Reilley is always ready to share their expertise with you. Call us at (512) 732-2727 and begin your consultation today.

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