Client Testimonials

I highly recommend Chip for anyone needing legal advice or representation

The Evans law firm definitely exceeded our expectations, and thanks to Whitney for always being a friendly, professional, and helpful person to talk to when we needed to call in. Our questions were always answered. Chip was one of the best things that ever happened to us. We were out of options when it came to our case because of a poor investigation by DPS of my motorcycle acccident. We had a lapse on our insurance and no other firm would take us on without getting the accident report overturned. Chip took us on with open arms from day one. Sent his own private investigator all the way down to our small south Texas town to gather statements from my witnesses and presented them to the insurance company. Within a few months we received the call from Chip that the insurance would pay out in our favor because of the overwhelming amount of evidence, and we would be receiving the max payout for the drivers policy. I highly recommend Chip for anyone needing legal advice or representation. As much as I hope I’ll never need him again because of an accident, we will be calling him first if the day ever comes. – John Pena

Attorneys who understands both the law and human compassion

Divorce is among the most difficult challenges people will face, especially if kids are involved. I recommend no one go through it. But if you do, go through it with an attorney who understands both the law and human compassion. Scott Herlihy was that for me. And Chip Evans sets the tone for a successful law firm that will not compromise your needs while they help you through whatever challenge has brought you to need legal assistance. – Drew

Chip was able to get me thousands of dollars more for my case

I was hit by a drunk driver. The first lawyer I contacted gave me a much lower value for my case than Chip, and Chip was able to get me thousands of dollars more for my case. Thanks! – Garrett March

I feel like they are very honest

The Evans Law Firm did a fantastic job for me. I was having a very difficult time dealing with insurance companies and medical professionals. The Evans Law firm took over and represented me very well and made things very easy for me. I feel like they are very honest, fair and represented my best interest. – Bryan Troutman

My case became his case and it was personal

My life was put on hold when someone hit the vehicle I was a passenger in head-on. My son was injured (only 16 months old) and I was in the hospital for over six weeks. Chip Evans was referred to me by a CLAIMS ADJUSTER for a major insurance company. She told me that working with him, he was the most honest and hardest working attorney. She set up a time for him to meet me. HE CAME TO MY HOSPITAL BED. I remember Chip updating me about a certain, evil insurance company that did not want to pay a child who nearly lost his mother. I can remember how personally insulted he was by their offer. It was a great feeling, knowing that this attorney was on right there with you. My case became his case and it was personal. What is better than having an attorney who is personally there for you? By your side step-by-step. This process was not easy, but Chip kept me fully informed and advocated on my behalf. I would recommend Chip Evans to anyone who is seeking an advocate, he will make your case his own. – Lauren Medel

Knowledgeable, professional, compassionate and fair

“Chip came highly recommended to us and, after working with him, we would have no hesitation passing that recommendation on to family and friends. He is very knowledgeable, professional, compassionate and fair. We were fortunate to have him ‘in our corner’ during very difficult circumstances.” – Beth Snodgrass

Proven effective and reliable services

“The Evans Law Firm was recommended by a referral service that my employer provides, to guide us to proven effective and reliable services. Chip went out of his way to with meet my family as I was not able to travel for months. He was practical and straightforward in our communications, delivered as promised and helped us resolve some minor issues that came up later, even though not part of the original agreement. His staff is always helpful and courteous. I will use them in the future if needed and would recommend to family and friends.” – Tommy Durham

If you need a personal injury attorney, you need to look no further than Chip Evans!

“Please do yourself a favor ~ and READ THIS. If you need a personal injury attorney, you need to look no further than Chip EVANS! When our son was in a very serious automobile accident, we had no idea about how to handle insurance companies, hospitals, etc. The other driver was insured, but their state minimum coverage did not begin to touch his medical bills that approached $-MIL ! Several attorneys reviewed his case, but had no interest because the party at fault lacked deep pockets. Then I found Chip EVANS — what a blessing to our family in the midst of overwhelming life events. Chip is the person you want on your side. He is smart and knows his business! He is also genuine and he will be a friend during perhaps a tough time. Not only did Chip ensure that everything was settled properly, he was genuinely concerned and gave us guidance to navigate a whole array of details. There are not words sufficient to convey our gratitude for Chip EVANS. Hopefully, we never have the need another attorney in this way, but Chip would be the person I will call ~ without a moment of hesitation. This is a genuine testimonial from real people. You are welcome to contact me directly — I will share anything you want to know about our experience with the EVANS Law Firm. Hopefully it helps you!” – Rodney Powell, Tomball TX

An excellent Austin attorney

“I highly recommend Chip Evans as an excellent Austin attorney. His integrity, personable style and professional manner made a very difficult situation, much easier to get through. He kept me informed every step of the way, and always acted on my behalf with respect and compassion. The outcome was very positive and I have Chip to thank for that.” – Lisa Hellmer

Should have talked to Chip sooner!

I was injured by a drunk driver, and after I struggled to deal with insurance myself, my employer’s attorney referral service sent me to Chip. I wish I had talked to him sooner – I would’ve saved myself a lot of stress! He took care of everything from that point, and got me a better settlement than I expected. – Chris

Results Oriented Lawyer

Attorney Chip Evans is a thorough, diligent, and results oriented lawyer. Mr. Evans made me feel at ease while he handled the heavy lifting for my case. He kept me informed and brought my case to a quick and financially rewarding conclusion. I highly recommend his services to any client who is focused on getting to the bottom line. – Chris Williams, Dallas, CLC Client

Our Experience with Chip Evans

Chip Evans is the easiest, most communicative, action oriented lawyer in the Austin area. Chip made it extremely easy to reach him, even when on vacation. His professionalism, down to earth non legalese personality was beyond what we could ask for in an attorney. When other attorneys said NO Chip said LET’S GO! Chip represented our son, and the case was by no means a slam dunk. While Chip was officially only representing my son, he made it feel like he was representing our entire family. We are extremely appreciative for Chip’s knowledge, confidence and diligent work in getting the job done! – TB

Kindness & Compassion

We want to thank you for your help in resolving our settlement. We feel blessed, and will put the majority of the money towards our retirement. We really appreciate the kindness and compassion you have shown us throughout this ordeal and know that you will have continued success because of the caring attitude you show to your clients. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your hard work! – Linda and Brian Bonnema, Austin

Margie’s Claim

Chip Evans was always up front and honest every step of the way. My back injury will always be with me regardless, but at least I was able to pay all bills from providers as well as some left over for pain and suffering. Chip has character and treats you like you are his only client! – Margie

Chip is the Very Best Person to Meet.

Chip says I get to meet the very best people at the worst times. If it is your worst time, Chip is the very best person to meet. Chip will always validate your feelings and be honest and truthful with you. You couldn’t ask for a better attorney or friend. – Bennie and Susan Clark, Burnet

Professionalism, Diligence & Expertise

I wanted to sincerely thank you for accepting and handling our case. Your professionalism, diligence and expertise were very much evident and appreciated. These attributes were clearly exhibited during our mediation proceedings which resulted in a fair and equitable settlement… a well deserved end to these dealings. – Randy and Beth Solomon, Dallas, CLC referred clients

Superb Professional Performance

I had worked with Mr. Evans for over two years on a personal injury case. I received a recommendation for him through my employer’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which provided excellent references initially. Based on my need, his experience, and licensing/certifications within the State of Texas, I would highly recommend the services of Mr. Evans. He is straightforward, responsive, and available. He and his office have a depth of knowledge and reach back in this field that provided superior performance. I highly recommend his services. – Randy

Scott made a bad experience as painless as possible

Scott is very experienced and professional. He is also very empathetic and understanding. He helped me navigate my way through one of the most difficult situations I have ever been in. He was always quick to respond and talk things through throughout the entire process. – Misty K.

Scott Herlihy is amazing

I wholeheartedly endorse Scott Herlihy for any family law needs. He is very knowledgeable, experienced, and makes his clients feel at ease during a period of time that can be the most trying one of your life. Not only does me make every effort to explain all ramifications of every step of the process, but also strives to do the best for all involved. – Timothy F.

Great experience for such an awful task!

My divorce quickly went from DIY to overwhelming because my ex-spouse was manipulative, emotionally abusive and a bully. Scott did a great job explaining my options, the law, and what he thought was fair. He helped me navigate my way through this awful process and always had my best interest in mind. He was very responsive and reminded me not to make rash decisions; which is extremely important for the type of relationship that I had been in. Scott always worked to get this done the way I wanted and as quickly as possible. Thank you for guiding me through one of the hardest times in my life! – Jenifer M.

A man of his word

Scott Herlihy was a man of his word- he told me up front how to proceed with the divorce and what to expect. He guided me in making the right decisions and stood by me when I made some hard decisions. I’d highly recommend Scott to represent you in any family law matter. – Jayne M.

Scott did an amazing job!

He protected my rights as a father and made everything fair for me. If I ever have any issues I’d definitely hire him again. He is very knowledgeable and settled exactly for everything I wanted. I recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney who will get the job done! Thank you again Scott Herlihy! – Aurelio L.

Highly recommended

Scott was awesome, he is a great asset to have on your side, extremely knowledgeable. He is very approachable and easy to talk to; I highly recommend him. – Richard S.

Professional, Courteous and Kind

Scott handle my case professionally was courteous and kind in every aspect and did not like allow my emotions to get out of sorts but I was going through the hearing he defended me perfectly I couldn’t ask for a better attorney I’m so thankful that I met him and he took care of me better than I expected I’m so thankful that he is my friend and my attorney. – Johnny M.

Strongly recommended

Scott is great. Kind, compassionate, level headed and a very knowledgable attorney!! He helped me during my darkest hour. Strongly recommend him. – Marnie L.

I made a great choice with Scott

While I am still in the middle of my divorce proceedings, I can say with certainty that I made a great choice with Scott. He’s extremely knowledgeable, level-headed, strategy-oriented and accessible. I’ve felt we have been on the same page the entire time and worked our way through the issues in an organized and thoughtful manner. I would recommend Scott to anyone look for expert legal advice, especially in the area of family law. – Jarrett S.

Scott was the only person to not only answer his phone will I first called (after searching online), but also talked with me for well over 30 mins during that first phone call. We then scheduled an appointment at his office where he informed me about the whole process, fully disclosed things I was up against, things he thought he could help me win, etc. I really enjoyed his directness and full disclosure way, I prefer that especially when it’s about law stuff that quite frankly I knew nothing about. I had to go back and forth for several months with my ex to agree on terms and Scott was there to entire time guiding me on the pros and cons of every decision I had to make. He was patient, what I thought would take 1 month took around 4 or 5. But once I had my ex agreed to all my modifications, Scott and his team was able to get the order written in a matter of days and that next week we were in court getting the judge to sign everything. SOOO happy this is behind me and I had Scott to guide me along the way. As much as I loved working with him, I hope to never have to use him or another attorney again; but if I do-I’m calling Scott. 🙂 – Jackie Z.

Scott did an excellent job for me

He always got back to me in a timely manner. He took the time to listen to my hysterics and talk me off of the ledge when I was at rock bottom. His professional wisdom was always spot on even if it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. Scott is professional and compassionate. I don’t regret my decision in having him represent me during my divorce. – Heidi C.

Scott is always very professional, attentive and helpful. He listened to what I had to say and was very efficient and on point in delivering. I would highly recommend his services. – Reyna H.

Scott helped me with my divorce. It was the first time I was dealing with a lawyer and I was bit scared. But he was very friendly and took his time explaining all to me. Main thing I like about him he would respond back to you for any matter very quickly. Thank you Scott. – Gilsy M.

Professional – Communicative – Responsive – Strategic Thinker

In the case that Scott handled for me, my experience could not have been better. He is … PROFESSIONAL – COMMUNICATIVE – RESPONSIVE – STRATEGIC THINKER He is very good in what he does as he processes the various facts, information, and feedback. For any scenario posed, Scott was very quick to point out strengths, weaknesses, layout possible options and what a timeline may look like. As far as billing, he was detailed, fair, and timely in providing updated information. Most impressive aspect of Scott? His passion for what he does. One can see he loves what he does. My case was not a mega-dollar situation. Yet he treated my case as if it was the most important he had in his folio. He REALLY wanted to win my case. Thank you Scott!!! – Rob H.

Scott picked up my divorce case in the middle of it. He was easy to reach which was important. Very available. Open to my ideas and questions. His laid back approach reduced my stress and the process went smoothly and quickly. – Jennifer C.

Scott was the exact intense motivated attorney I needed. I was untimely served by my x and Scott perfectly attacked the situation until we won. All with only a day prep just before Christmas. – Jesse R.

I would recommend him to anyone

Scott was always available and quickly responded to all my calls and emails. He made the divorce process as easy as it could be and gave solid advice. I would recommend him to anyone. – Kelle S.

Scott is a great lawyer and was very helpful with the divorce process. I would recommend his law firm to anyone. – Sheryl V.

Scott was very informative

I loved that he contacted me quickly via message than by phone. He explained his knowledge in LGBT marriage law and was very honest in advising me that I didn’t need a lawyer at the moment. – Sierra C.

He will fight for you

I had Mr. Herlihy represent me recently. He was the nicest, professional lawyer I have ever known. He knows his stuff and know for sure he will fight for you in court. I will recommend him to anyone I know!!! – Isaiah B.