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Many major employers in Texas offer a benefits package that includes access to legal aid.

Through Consolidated Legal Concepts, employees are able to get affordable legal help with a wide range of issues, including:

Since 2002, the Evans/Reilley Law Firm has represented CLC clients, traveling around the state to take on personal injury cases. If you need representation, call us today at (855) 414-1012.

How CLC Helps People in Texas

For employers, it makes sense to offer CLC legal aid as part of its benefits package, because employees are generally happier and healthier if they’re able to access legal help when they need it. (The CLC also offers non-legal components that can be helpful for employees.)

According to the CLC, 90 percent of the population has legal needs that aren’t being taken care of. That could be because people think they can’t afford a lawyer, and some may not understand their rights.

The CLC aims to help people by connecting them with the best lawyers in their state, at a negotiated rate that is lower than what they would normally pay for services.

The Evans/Reilley Law Firm is pleased to be the designated personal injury law firm for Texas CLC claims. We’ve helped many people via this program, whether through representation or providing advice and consultation. Call us today at (855) 414-1012 to find out how we can help you.

Representative Cases

Some legal matters are relatively simple – filing a deed, creating a simple contract, drafting a basic will – but personal injury cases are complicated, sometimes requiring the testimony of multiple witnesses and experts.

The Evans/Reilley Law Firm has handled many cases where injuries or death have been caused by the negligent actions of others. Some of the clients that have come to us through the CLC program include:

  • A Denton County family that lost their mother in a five-car crash in Kansas
  • A woman who suffered broken ribs and other injuries when struck by a negligent driver
  • A woman who was run over by an inattentive neighbor.

When you or any member of your family is injured in an accident, it’s important to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible. In Texas, there is a statutory time limit on personal injury cases. And when it comes to specific types of cases – medical malpractice, for example – the time window for proceeding with a case is even shorter.

Complexity of the Law

The New York Times featured a story on a Texas woman who had to undergo a double leg amputation because of an incorrect medical diagnosis in an emergency room. She found that proving medical negligence in Texas is exceedingly difficult.

According to Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, Section 74.151, a plaintiff must prove “that the physician or health care provider, with willful and wanton negligence, deviated from the degree of care and skill that is reasonably expected of an ordinarily prudent physician or health care provider in the same or similar circumstances.”

To prove emergency room negligence, a plaintiff is also required to provide expert opinions from medical specialists in the same field as the practitioner, within 120 days of filing a case. For patients who are ill or injured because of negligence, however, that may be an inadequate amount of time to prepare the information.

Knowing When to Ask for Help

The American Bar Foundation conducted a study of how people seek legal assistance and found many people don’t seek legal help because they don’t know when they need it.

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The ABA Journal reported that the study group looked at common issues such as personal injury, divorce, and employment disputes, finding many people do not recognize the need for legal assistance with these matters. Only 15 percent of people surveyed reported asking a third-party – such as a pastor, adviser, or lawyer – for help.

When you’re not sure if you need legal help, talk to a lawyer anyway. At the Evans/Reilley Law Firm, we get plenty of phone calls from people who don’t know if they need a lawyer. Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t. Request your free consultation by using our convenient online contact form.

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