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What To Do If An Amazon Truck Hits Your Car

What To Do If An Amazon Truck Hits Your Car

Amazon’s national footprint and business influence in the United States are unrivaled. Their drivers are everywhere, providing next-day and, occasionally, same-day delivery. The constant pressure to achieve delivery quotas and deliver the package to the correct address on time might cause them to become inattentive, weary, and even negligent.

Injuries sustained in an Amazon delivery vehicle collision can rapidly complicate a situation. You should be aware that your actions (or inactions) immediately after an accident might significantly impact any claims you could bring.

The first step in protecting your rights and getting the compensation you deserve is to hire a lawyer for the accident with an Amazon truck driver. The driver’s relationship with Amazon will determine whether you can file a lawsuit. An Amazon driver who causes you harm may be liable for your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

When Does Amazon Assume Responsibility for an Accident?

Whether or not you have a case against Amazon depends on the specifics of your incident. This is because, rather than employing full-time drivers, Amazon frequently uses independent contractors.

When considering legal action, it is vital to make this distinction. The legal standing of the negligent driver will dictate whom you file a claim against.

Before taking legal action against Amazon or its driver, you should consult an attorney to weigh your options. Suing a business for the carelessness of its employees raises several tricky legal questions, and getting this part wrong could cost you much money.

What Should I Do About Filing an Insurance Claim?

In the event of an Amazon truck accident, you may still be eligible for compensation from Amazon’s insurance coverage even if you cannot pursue a case against the company directly.

For instance, accidents involving Amazon “Flex” drivers. The Flex program allows Amazon delivery drivers to use their cars to make deliveries. When making deliveries for Amazon, Flex drivers are covered by Amazon’s additional liability insurance. To be eligible for the Amazon Commercial Auto Insurance Policy, these Flex drivers must always keep a valid personal auto insurance policy in force on their vehicle. If you cannot file a lawsuit against Amazon, you may still be able to collect damages by claiming the driver’s insurance.

Do I Have the Right To File a Personal Injury Claim Against the Driver?

Absolutely. Remember that even if you can sue the irresponsible party’s company, you can still sue the delivery driver. Your case may still have merit against the negligent driver, even if the lawsuit fails against Amazon. Depending on the circumstances, you may still be able to file a claim with the driver’s liability insurance if Amazon’s policy does not apply to your particular case.

How to Deal with an Amazon Delivery Accident

What you do after an accident involving an Amazon driver is crucial. Take care of your health first and foremost, but do what you can to safeguard your injury claim. Follow the steps below if you find yourself hit by an Amazon truck:

Contact Law Enforcement

Once you’ve gotten to a safe location, call the police and ask them to come to the collision area.

When the officers arrive, they will take inventory of the damage and any injuries and then write a report of the incident. Your insurance company will need this report as supporting evidence later on.

First responders may treat injuries at the site and take you and anyone else who was hurt to the hospital if required; they should be called in addition to the police.

Exchange Details and Necessary Information

Exchanging contact details is crucial after an accident with an Amazon truck. This information includes

  • Driver’s name and number for Amazon
  • Amazon’s delivery vehicle’s license plate
  • The Amazon driver’s information on their own insurance company.

As you gather this documentation, you should also inquire whether the Amazon driver was working at the time of the accident. If that’s the case, Amazon might be liable for any harm the delivery driver causes.

Find out whether they have any Amazon-specific protections in place as well. You should also inquire about the policy details if that’s the case.

Document the Accident

Recording as much data as possible is essential in the aftermath of the crash. Locate and register the names of any eyewitnesses and the condition of the vehicles involved.

Note the vehicle’s make and model, especially if the driver wasn’t using a standard delivery truck. Of course, during this process, please ensure your safety and the ability to record this data.

If you cannot get police reports, our attorneys will do it on your behalf.

Recorded Statements Should be Given With Caution

You should contact insurance companies to clarify the next steps following an accident. However, before consulting with an attorney, don’t give an insurance company any documented statements.

Insurers may try to convince you that the accident was your fault. Consequently, both they and their client are relieved of responsibility.

For an incident that wasn’t your fault, you should receive the necessary compensation for it. For this reason, it is recommended that you consult an attorney before proceeding. They can advise you on how to word statements, so they do not hinder your case.

Seek Ongoing Treatment for Your Injuries Sustained in the Amazon Truck Crash

If you were hit by a large Amazon truck, getting medical attention is essential, especially if you want to maximize monetary compensation. Severe injuries, such as cuts, broken bones, lacerations, and brain injuries, are expected outcomes of commercial truck accidents. To ensure you receive the legal support you need, it’s crucial to consult with an experienced Austin truck accident lawyer.

Seeking medical attention and receiving a diagnosis can also give evidence of your injuries, which you can use in your lawsuit against Amazon or the delivery driver. If you’ve been experiencing pain or discomfort and haven’t seen a doctor yet, now is the time to take action.

Once you’ve settled on a course of treatment, it’s essential to stick to it religiously. Doing so can aid your physical rehabilitation, and not doing so can cast doubt on your injury claim.

Have Legal Representation Following an Accident Involving an Amazon Driver

After an accident, you are entitled to seek legal representation to help you pursue a just settlement.

In some cases, you may be able to file a lawsuit, but alternative choices may be available. It would be best if you considered all your options when figuring out how to get money for your injuries.

Amazon delivery vehicle claims can be exceedingly complex. Without legal assistance, you may experience difficulties in processing your claim and receive far less compensation than you are entitled to. Hiring a lawyer for your truck accident as soon as feasible will increase your chances of receiving the compensation you need.

Your attorney will do more than only gather police and medical records after an accident; they will also take measures to safeguard other evidence. Amazon’s standard delivery fleet is outfitted with surveillance cameras that should have captured the incident. Your lawyer will write a preservation letter asking Amazon or its independent contractor to keep all accident camera footage.

Amazon also equips its delivery trucks with GPS sensors so that the corporation and its customers can continually monitor their packages’ whereabouts. Your truck accident attorney might request the GPS data at the moment of the collision to help establish factors such as stopping distance, impact speed, and other relevant factors.

Amazon employees and contractors have been caught engaging in dangerous driving behavior on camera. In addition, many establishments and residences now have street-facing security cameras. Your attorney can reach out to these residences and establishments to collect surveillance footage of the incident.

Results for accident victims who get legal representation are often more favorable than those who do not. You and your loved ones need an ally willing to go to bat for you against Amazon, its insurance, and its lawyers.

What Kind of Compensation Can I Recieve?

If you were hurt by an Amazon delivery van accident, the company’s insurance would have to make amends. Compensation comes in economic and non-economic damages.

Monetary losses are known as “economic damages” because they are directly related to the accident. It compensates for both actual and potential pay loss. Damages to personal property, medical expenses, and the cost of making repairs are all considered economic damages. These things can be measured and accounted for.

Intangibles are included in non-economic losses, including things like disfigurement and temporary or permanent disability. It is more difficult to put a value on these kinds of losses. Pain and suffering and emotional distress are two types of non-economic damages. A jury will assess the damages during a lawsuit and determine appropriate compensation.

After an accident, victims may also seek punitive damages as an alternative form of compensation. However, these are granted only in rare cases. Punitive damages are not intended to compensate for the victim’s losses, unlike economic and non-economic damages. Punitive damages are assessed as a punishment for the egregiously risky behavior of the person found at fault.

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Dealing with a massive company like Amazon after suffering severe injuries in an Amazon truck accident can be stressful and overwhelming. ‌While you focus on getting better, a lawyer can go after compensation on your behalf.

Our skilled team of personal injury lawyers will fight for your right to financial compensation. If you need assistance in your quest for justice, the lawyers at Evans/Reilley may be able to help. Contact us at (512) 732-2727 for advice on what to do next.

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