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Helping to Obtain Justice for Your Injury

Accidents occur daily. Unfortunately, they often result in injuries that can have a significant effect on the lives of their victims. The combination of costly medical treatment and time necessary to recover can negatively impact the finances of those who were injured both in the near term and the future. And, the emotional costs of such accidents can be considerable.

In Texas, when your accident was the fault of another person or organization’s negligent behavior, you may be able to obtain financial compensation. If you believe this is true for you, the advice and counsel of a seasoned Pflugerville personal injury lawyer could prove to be a valuable resource.

Helping to determine and prove negligence are among the services our Pflugerville personal injury attorney can provide.

The team of professionals at Evans/Reilley is both knowledgeable and experienced. We know how to handle cases like yours and we have a proven reputation for providing the highest quality service to our clients.

When you work with us, you can rest assured that we will handle all aspects of the legal process, allowing you to focus your time and energy on your health and well-being. Contact us today at (512) 732-2727 to schedule a consultation.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Pflugerville, TX, Provide Unmatched Support

Accidents That Result in Personal Injury Lawsuits

The types of incidents that are caused by negligent behavior that could ultimately lead to a personal injury lawsuit are considerable. Our Evans/Reilley personal injury attorneys in Pflugerville have proven experience in managing these cases. Some of the areas in which we are particularly experienced include:

  • Automobile Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Burn Injury Accidents
  • Work Injuries
  • Nursing Home Abuse
  • Wrongful Death.

Each of these incidents can have serious consequences. The expenses related to your recovery for lost compensation, property damage and pain and suffering can be significant. Our Pflugerville personal injury attorney can help you manage the legal process and help you get the settlement you need and deserve.

Covered Damages in a Personal Injury Case in Pflugerville, Texas

The damages resulting from a personal injury accident can range from minor to major — and the costs associated with them can, at times, be life-changing.

In addition to proving negligence, your Pflugerville, TX, personal injury lawyer can help you quantify your damages. You want to make sure that the total you request adequately compensates you for your losses, some of which may extend far into the future.

In Texas, awards in personal injury lawsuits consist of economic and non-economic damages. In some cases, punitive damages may also be awarded.

Economic damages are those which are easy to quantify; they have a specific dollar value that can be attributed to them. Depending upon the specifics of your injury and your case, they may include:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Lost Wages
  • Lost Future Wages
  • Property Damage
  • Decrease/Loss of Earnings Potential.

Non-economic damages, on the other hand, are intangible, thus more difficult to quantify. They may include:

  • Pain and Suffering
  • Emotional Distress
  • Disfigurement
  • Disability
  • Loss of Companionship
  • Decreased Quality of Life.

Our Pflugerville personal injury lawyer will work closely with you to identify and accurately value all of your losses.  When necessary, we can access experts to help predict long-term costs and substantiate all claimed damages. As your personal injury attorney in Pflugerville, TX, our goal is to maximize your settlement after your accident.

Why Choose Our Team at Evans/Reilley?

Engage Our Pflugerville Personal Injury Lawyer and Get the Help You Need

When you have been injured because of the negligence of another person or organization, your future is challenging. Costly medical treatment, lost income, pain and suffering, and lifestyle changes will all need to be addressed. Evans/Reilley’s personal injury lawyer in Pflugerville TX, Chip Evans, leads our practice and is ready to go to work for you immediately.

We are committed to justice: Our firm believes that those who behave negligently should be held accountable for their actions.

We have built our practice on aggressively protecting the rights of the injured and successfully fighting for the settlements they need and deserve.

We are experienced: For over 20 years we have been managing personal injury cases in Texas. Our technical knowledge of the law is unmatched. When combined with our familiarity with the local courts and judges, there is no doubt we are the best firm to represent you.

We are committed to client service: Being in an accident is traumatic, and moving forward is stressful. Our attorneys understand and appreciate what you are going through and recognize that the legal process is both confusing and emotionally draining. We are well-known for our empathetic approach and work closely with our clients to ensure all of their questions are answered and their concerns addressed. While we will manage the entire legal process, we always keep them informed and are available to them whenever they wish.

Learn how we can serve you: In our clients’ words.

We have a proven record of success: To put it bluntly, we get results. For years we have been skillfully negotiating and aggressively litigating on behalf of our clients, and our record speaks for itself.

In the end, you want to work with a team that both knows what to do and knows how to do it well: Evans/Reilley.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Pflugerville, TX: What We Do for You

Manage All Administrative Tasks

If you have been injured as the result of another person’s negligent actions or inaction, you are likely suffering. The physical pain of your accident, along with the stress of being hurt and perhaps unable to work and your concern for your financial future are a lot to deal with. When you take into account that the incident that caused your injuries was preventable, it’s not surprising that you are angry — and perhaps overwhelmed.

Our Pflugerville personal injury lawyers at Evans/Reilley are ready to step in and help you move forward. We will handle all aspects of the legal process, from beginning to end, so you can focus your energy and efforts on your recovery.

When you have been injured and are looking to file a lawsuit, the paperwork is considerable. Handling your medical bills alone can be overwhelming. The combination of multiple doctors, pharmacies, labs, and rehabilitation bills means your mailbox will be full. When you add insurance companies into the mix, life is just more complicated. Our team will handle all communications with billing offices and insurance representatives.

Oversee the Legal Process in a Pflugerville Personal Injury Case

As you may imagine, filing a lawsuit requires a great deal of work. Once we have met with you and determined that you do have a viable case, our firm will:

  • Gather Evidence: It is our responsibility to make sure we track down all important evidence (including police reports, medical bills, photos or videos, and witness statements). In order to ensure we have everything we need, we must begin the process immediately. Witnesses’ memories can fade over time, and access to reports is easier to obtain when requests are made in a timely fashion. We are ready to begin work on your case immediately. The sooner we can start, the better the chances we can gather accurate information. The evidence we can identify will play a critical role in proving your case.
  • Complete and File all Necessary Paperwork: It is not surprising that a great deal of paperwork accompanies a lawsuit. Once we identify the correct court in which the case should be filed, we will complete all forms with the information you provided to us and submit all documents in a timely fashion.
  • Prove Negligence: This step is critical; we must be able to show that your injuries were the result of another person or organization’s negligence. In order to do this, we must prove:
    • Duty: The individual at fault had a duty to act with a certain level of responsibility to you.
    • Breach: The individual at fault did not uphold their legal duty.
    • Causation: The accident was a direct result of the breach.
    • Damages: The injuries you suffered or damage to your personal property occurred as a result of the accident.
  • Negotiate and Litigate on Your Behalf: We always strive to settle cases out of court. Our Pflugerville personal injury lawyers are fierce negotiators. In those cases where we are unable to reach an acceptable agreement, we will not hesitate to move to trial where we will aggressively litigate on your behalf. Our team will leverage their knowledge and experience to achieve the best possible outcome.

It is important that you contact us as soon as possible. In Texas, the statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits is generally two years from the date of the accident that resulted in your injury.

If you do not file your suit within this time frame, you would not be able to seek compensation for your injuries or losses.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Cases

Our Pflugerville, TX, Personal Injury Attorney Addresses Your Concerns

If you or a loved one has been injured, and another person or organization was at fault, you are probably dealing with a host of emotions: frustration, fear, and anger topping the list. And you likely have many questions. Below, we have shared some of those which our clients ask most often, along with our responses.

First and foremost, get medical attention. Your well-being should always be your first priority. Additionally, take photos of the surroundings of the accident (if you can) and of your injuries. Document what happened, as soon as you are able. Create a list of witnesses for your Pflugerville personal injury attorney. If you did not receive medical attention at the scene of the accident, visit your doctor as soon as possible. Finally, schedule a meeting with an experienced and well-regarded Pflugerville personal injury lawyer.

Provide the insurance company representative with our name and telephone number. Do not have any further interactions with them. We know how to communicate with the insurance company. It is important to understand that their primary concern is not your financial well-being. In fact, their goal is to get you to say something incriminating and to convince you to settle for as little as possible. So, say nothing and let us handle the situation.

Our hope is to settle your case during the negotiation phase. We successfully settle most cases before a trial date. However, this is not always possible. If we do have to go to trial, you will likely need to testify. You are your own best witness. Your personal account of the incident and its impact on your life is powerful. We will work with you prior to testimony and ensure you are appropriately prepared and supported.

Punitive damages are rarely awarded in Texas, but can be when the negligent behavior is deemed to be especially malicious or fraudulent. Punitive damages are designed as a punishment and a deterrent. Your Pflugerville personal injury attorney can review your case in order to determine if it may qualify.

Each case is unique, and damages awarded will depend upon a host of things, including the extent of your injuries, your medical costs, damages to your personal property, and pain and suffering. However, you should be aware that Texas Law is based on proportionate responsibility. This means that if you were partially responsible for the accident, you can still file suit and collect. But, you must not be more than 50 percent at fault. The amount you can recover will be reduced by the percentage you were at fault.

If your family member lost their life due to the negligence of another organization or person, you can file a wrongful death case. We are experienced in handling issues like this and can help you prove wrongful death.

We appreciate that you likely have a lot more questions. Contact us today at (512) 732-2727 to schedule a consultation. At that time, we can learn more about your specific situation and address all of your concerns.

Get Help from Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Pflugerville Today

If you have been injured as a result of the negligence of another individual or organization, the Pflugerville personal injury lawyers at Evans/Reilley are ready to go to work for you today. We understand and appreciate that you may be struggling. Your injuries are likely painful, and even thinking about a lawsuit can be overwhelming.

We can help. Let us leverage our experience and put our client-focused approach to work for you. Contact us today at (512) 732-2727 to schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping you obtain the settlement you need to put you on the road to a better tomorrow.

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