Make Protective Eyewear Part of Your Uniform

girls soccer matchWhile no gear can offer 100 percent protection, athletes are expected to wear all kinds of special equipment intended to improve safety. There are shin guards for soccer players, shoulder pads for football players, gloves for baseball players. Yet, protection of the eye, one of the most important and most vulnerable body parts, is often overlooked.…

Texas Car Wreck Lawyer
Texas Crash Stats Highlight Accomplishments and Needs for Improvement

Looking at crash statistics can reveal a lot about the most important traffic safety issues in Texas. And when statistics indicate a certain factor is to blame for a growing number of deadly crashes, existing laws may need to be strengthened, or new laws developed, to reverse the trend.

Historically, it often takes years of serious and fatal accidents before legislators create laws intended to improve safety. For example, it wasn’t until 1968 that automakers were required to install seat belts in all new cars, and Texas didn’t have a primary seat belt law until the 1980s. Those laws came about because government officials recognized the important role seat belts play in saving lives.

So what do Texas statistics tell us now? Read on to learn more.

Fatality Trends

Texas Department of Transportation data from 2014, the most recent …

Texas Hoverboard Injury Lawyer
Hoverboard Accidents and Fires in the Spotlight

They were making headlines in 2015 as one of the most popular Christmas gifts, but now hoverboards are in the news for a different reason: accidents and fires.

These two-wheeled motorized devices are touted as a fun way to get around, with the ability to move fluidly in any direction. But they can easily fly out from underneath a user, as seen in boxer Mike Tyson’s YouTube video of his hoverboard mishap.

Falling backwards is associated with tailbone, wrist, and head injuries. A Texas man was hospitalized in intensive care after falling backwards off a hoverboard and fracturing his skull. A neurosurgeon at The Neuromedical Center in Baton Rouge, LA, treated two children and one adult for serious hoverboard-related head injuries in one weekend. And the former mayor of Coral Springs, FL, shattered his wrist in a fall from …

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Burn Awareness Week

According to the American Burn Association, in 2015, 486,000 people received medical treatment for burns. Each year, about 40,000 people with burn injuries require hospitalization, with 30,000 people requiring treatment in specialty burn centers. Health and safety officials hope to reduce the number of burn injuries in the United States, and that’s why each February the first week of the month marks Burn Awareness Week.

Fire is the most obvious cause of burns, but many serious burns occur at home due to other causes.

Scalding Substances

A person who comes into contact with boiling water, hot cooking grease, or steam may suffer a scald burn. These injuries most often occur at home and are a serious threat to small children.

Liquid and steam burns accounted for about 34 percent of all patient admissions to burn treatment centers in 2013. Many …

Texas School Buss Passing Law
School Bus Safety

Austin Independent School District announced it would begin outfitting its school buses with stop arm cameras. The cameras are intended to catch drivers who illegally pass school buses – when a bus’s stop arm is extended, a passing car will trigger the camera, which records snapshots of the vehicle and its license plate.

This technology isn’t cheap. Dallas County Schools has been the subject of criticism for spending millions more than it anticipated to outfit buses with stop arm cameras. When NBC 5 News questioned DCS President Larry Duncan in 2014 about the financial projections, he said, “One, you’re focusing on money. We have provided the student safety increase we — that we were after — and that’s the most important thing.”

The Scope of the Problem

According to Texas Transportation Code Sec. 545.066, when a school bus has …

Safety Concerns About Austin’s Dockless Scooter System
Bike Recalls in Austin, TX

In September, 13 bicycle manufacturers recalled more than 1.3 million bicycles in the U.S. for a problem that could cause the bike to stop unexpectedly. On certain bicycle models with disc brakes, the quick-release lever could become entangled with the brake rotor and increase the risk of a crash. It was a problem first identified by Trek, the company that recalled about 900,000 of its bikes in April.

This recall seems remarkably similar to the Takata automotive airbag recall, which began with Honda recalling a few thousand vehicles seven years ago, but as of late November had grown to include more than 23 million vehicles and a dozen automakers.

Both the Takata recall and the bicycle recall involved third-party parts sold to manufacturers, raising questions about who is ultimately to blame when a serious mechanical failure occurs. So far, only …

Texas Slowpoke Law

In Texas and many other states, the law requires drivers on multi-lane highways to use the left lane only for passing. The intent of the “Texas Slowpoke Law” is to reduce the risk of vehicle crashes and ensure the smooth flow of traffic. But it’s not uncommon to see motorists tooling along in the left lane on highways.

The Texas Department of Public Safety dedicated a day in 2013 to enforcing the left-lane law, mainly to raise awareness of its existence. State troopers issued warnings or tickets to motorists who were staying in the left lane instead of using the left lane to pass.

Texas DPS Sgt. Gordon Schneider told the Houston Chronicle that “a rash of road-rage incidents” had been attributed to people who were driving well below the speed limit while in the passing lane.

Incidences …

Texas Traffic Accidents
Austin Crash Statistics

Austin Traffic Fatalities Report Reveals Contributing Factors

On Oct. 14, the Austin Police Department issued a news release about the 82nd traffic fatality of 2015. It was the 74th fatal crash since Jan. 1 – nearly double the number of fatal crashes measured in the same period last year.

Police want to understand why fatal crashes have increased in 2015, so they’re taking a closer look at contributing factors. APD’s recent Traffic Fatalities Brief reveals some insights about the 76 fatalities that occurred between Jan. 1 and Aug. 31.

Methodology and Commonalities

The APD report studied characteristics of each person found to be at fault for a fatal crash, regardless of whether that person survived, along with incident characteristics for three types of fatalities: pedestrian, motorcycle and motor vehicle.

In all three types of fatal crashes, the person …

Furniture Tip Over Accidents
Furniture & TV Tip-Overs

Budget-conscious parents may appreciate the availability of inexpensive, assemble-it-yourself furniture. It’s lightweight and fairly easy to transport; however, it may pose a threat to small children.

Every two weeks, a falling piece of furniture or a television kills a young child. Often, curious youngsters climb on furniture or try to reach something above them, causing the furniture to fall. Parents may be unaware that even a 30-inch-tall dresser could seriously injure or kill their children – it’s not just tall bookcases that cause these types of accidents.

To raise awareness of how tip-over accidents occur and how they can be prevented, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recently launched its “Anchor It!” campaign. The Anchor It! website shows through pictures and video how tip-overs can occur in a matter of seconds. It also includes information about how parents can anchor televisions …

Rubber Turf
Crumb Rubber Turf

On many playgrounds and sports fields nationwide, artificial turf has replaced natural grass turf. It’s easier to maintain, requires no water, and it may reduce the blunt force of a fall. But some people have begun to wonder if artificial turf poses health risks.

The turf combines green fibers with infill – bits of loose material interspersed in the fibers that make the surface resilient. The most widely used infill is crumb rubber made from recycled tires, and tires contain toxic chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the effects of which are not fully understood.

So, what does the Consumer Product Safety Commission have to say about this product? Not much, presently. It’s providing technical assistance for California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, which is planning a thorough study of crumb rubber to measure its effects on health.

In …